Friday, November 27, 2009


So, as usual, I let life get in the way and the ol' blog falls by the wayside, but...

I do have a fairly valid reason.

I've started a new newspaper column in the big local paper here in Shimane.

The column is called "Kiddo Sensei no San-in Eigo Juku" or "Mr. Kidd's San-in English School", and it's a pretty cool deal.

Each week, I select a theme, and from Monday to Saturday, I introduce a key word or phrase related to that theme. I include a short explanation, and sometimes sneak in a little bit of information about the differences between Japanese and English.

Then, on Sunday, I write a 150-word English passage (in simple, junior high school level English) that uses those keywords and phrases to describe a facet of the San-in Region. You can find the articles I've written so far here.

Another cool thing? My articles are in the top weekly and monthly rankings on the site.

One more cool thing? This time, they asked me.

I've also been touring around a few temples in the Kansai area. If you're interested, here are some pictures.


  1. I was going to ask you what the column was called. Now I Know.

  2. Hello Dustin,

    Came across your blog while looking into Matsue, maybe for a stay of a few weeks early in 2010. Decades ago I lived in Formosa and taught ESL, much as you are now in Japan. My hat's off to you for getting good enough at the language to have your own column in Japanese. Ol' Lafcadio started out that way, of course - think maybe you might've taken in something from of old man's spirit, still haunting the hills and pines of Shimane?

    Very nice photos of the temples. Could you add a note about your camera, for we who might be inspired by your example?

    Best regards,