Thursday, May 21, 2009

Into the Aporkalypse

I'm flying up to Tokyo in a couple of hours.

A very good friend of mine, one I've known since 1996, is getting married this weekend.

The swine flu, which last week broke out in the Kansai area (mainly Osaka and Kobe) has now had cases identified in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

I will be in Chiba for the wedding, but it's right there next to Tokyo.

(Note: I've been really puzzled as to why they stopped referring to the "swine flu" as "swine flu" and started calling it "a new strain of the flu virus" over here. Probably a bunch of pissed-off pig farmers complained or something. Euphemisms are such funky things.)

Anyway, I'm going to dive right into the fray.

Oink oink.

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